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Best Chhappan Bhog Sweet Shop in Delhi

2020-03-31 11:34:33

Since 1990, Shagun sweets is a well-established sweet's brand which has been serving since last 30 years in the field of making and catering the sweets.


We have carved a corner in the sweets industry by offering customized and value-based products through a wide range of sweet recipe that matches the Indian standard in its quality and taste.


Shagun Sweets has grown over the years with a strong dedication to serving our valued sweet lovers the very best taste with quality & innovative variety at the fullest satisfaction.


We are well-known for its vast variety of traditional & ethnic sweets & it is one of the most popular sweet stores around Delhi-NCR.


We are consistently serving all our customers with quality taste at most affordable prices. Shagun Sweets was inaugurated in 1990 & today we have extended our outlets in various parts of Delhi-NCR which was completely not possible without the help of our beloved customers’ cum sweet lovers.


If you too find madness in you for sweets & look for the best server, who can serve you Chappan Bhog in Delhi then We at Shagun Sweets offer our customers the most attractive sweet mountain called Chappanbhog & ensure is an affordable luxury.


As you'll find us with the range of sweet items nestling within each variety is truly luxurious. Beautiful and mouth-watering sweets and other gourmet snacks, popular choices carefully assembled into the sweet Chappanbhog gift by skilled artisans can serve thanksgiving wishes to your loved once.


Each and every sweet that we manufacture is made with pure desi ghee methods in our kitchen & thus we are the best shop for Pure Desi Ghee Sweets in Laxmi Nagar.


With the dedication of our artisan, we always establish perfection in each and every batch of diverse sweets & snacks we make.


Indian desserts & sweets are in very demand in various markets across the globe. Different varieties from various parts of the country earned massive respect from the way they are made & we made them more wonderfully in one called Chappanbhog, so if you are there in East Delhi then visit in search of the best class Chappanbhog in Laxmi Nagar.


Every state of India has its unique identity in sweet. For Instance, the most loved sweet from Kolkata is Rasgulla that’ s a different thing that Bengal is famous for many other popular Indian sweets however any one of them can’t beat the popularity of Rasgulla.


As this is an Indian sweet which was invented exceptionally here only & Shagun Sweets is the place where you will find the softest melting Rasgulla in your mouth.


If you look for Pure Desi Ghee Sweets Delhi, we at Shagun Sweets offers you the most amazing forms of sweets filled with the pure taste of desi ghee & the softness will give an extensive range to your love towards sweets.


The register entry of popular Indian sweets is so long that it will never end & many of these delicious sweets own the global popularity & have fans almost across the world.


For instance, let’s understand the case of Ladoos & Jalebis. You can find both of them in any corner of our country & both of them come in a diverse range. Such as Ladoos can be made of atta, boondi, baisan, sattu, etc. Same goes for Jalebi, it contains main ingredients like Channa, Urad Dal, & Sugar Syrup.


These are in Criss-Cross Rounded shapes. The Taste becomes great when served with Rabdi or Curd.


And Shagun Sweets offers you the complete range of these sweets which will make you confused about them whether they are brought from their native region or made by us.

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