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Best Sweet Shop for Gujiya in Delhi-NCR

2020-03-31 11:37:29

Sweet makes us sit down on the knees. It is a cold blanket on a hot summer evening. It is like an icing on a cake and the end results absolutely a wonderful sweet weather.


There is nobody who can deny from the fact that sweets give an adorning end to any meal & we know that every Indian is devoted for sweets without any doubt. Not only are sweets are part of our any fare but also they are also offered in the places of worship.


These are served at temples, sweets form an integral part of our blest offerings. So, now how and where you can get the best sweets across India and what if you are there in its capital state where can you find the best for your sweet taste buds!? Let’s tell you.


As we all know that Gujiya is one of the most popular North Indian sweets which is crisp, flaky pastry filled with a sweet khoya and dry fruits stuffing. Its popularity takes an extensive form while the holy festival of Holi & Diwali.


Unlike from a laddoo, a gulab jamun or any other sweet. Gujiya owns a delightful sweet taste & the best experience you get from it, each is more gratifying than the previous one.


These Indian sweets are often made on different celebratory occasions but At Shagun Sweets we make you feel every day is a festival & on days when you just want to forget about diet plans & nothing seems better to your eyes and taste buds than a homemade dessert, Shagun Sweets always have the stock for you.


Now, the Shagun Sweets invites you to have the mouth-watering taste with garnish on the golden-brown “maida” crust & not to waste further time.

As your taste buds get the amazing initial taste, you are greeted by a very unique feeling & filling, a mixture of mawa, dry coconut, cardamoms, charoli (chironji) and almond shreds & in no time, it just spreads & melts in your mouth & that is the reason why we are known as the best shop for the Best Gujiya in Delhi.

Not only this, In India, the state West Bengal is famous for its milk sweets and one of those are Chum Chum, which is very similar to Rasgulla in texture except that it is stuffed and is in the shape of oval.

The process of making both of the sweets is almost same. It is stuffed once it cools down. What is it stuffed with? Generally mawa which is dried milk.

So, either it’s Chomchom, cham cham, or chum chum we at shagun sweets keeps an extensive range of taste of the traditional Bengali sweet & we are proud to say that if you are looking for something like where will I get the most delicious chum chum sweet near me, sweet lovers recommend Shagun in east Delhi & we are very proud & thankful of getting this appreciation from our real consumers.

So, this is the reason why we are known as the best chum chum sweet shop in Delhi-NCR.

This is also popular throughout the Indian subcontinent. The chum chum comes in a variety of colours, mainly light pink, light yellow, and white at Shagun Sweets. It is coated with some of the dry fruits as a garnish which makes it more special in taste.

In the last we know that sweets are the best part of any meal & if you are sweet so we are here to welcome you at shagun sweets to serve the wide range of several varieties of sweets and ensure you you’ll be called as a so sweet personality instead of only sweet after getting the taste of mesmerizing sweets. Because they (sweets) have a lot of mouth-watering ingredients in their body.

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