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Famous sweet shops in delhi

2020-03-31 11:56:29

As we all know, Delhi is the capital city of India, people come from different parts of India here, everybody has a different reason for moving, some came for making life brighter by studying better in the city so some came for creating their life wonderful and full of comfort by earning in their professional field.


All these seems to be incomplete if we don’t even get the taste of their home, so likewise people come from different corners of the nation, different cuisines or we directly say the culture also travelled here.


And when it comes about having the taste of home sweet, we repeat, home sweet where we mean that every state or part of India has a unique sweet cuisine taste.


Well, let us reveal you, if you are hovering or ever potentially hover around Delhi-NCR, Shagun Sweets is the name which has been proving consistently since last three decades of the best in quality, innovation & trust & on that basis it is known as one of the best Mithai shop in Delhi.


Shagun Sweets is one of the most famous sweet shops in Delhi, this sweet place consist of  a perfect ambiance followed by its staff and end up to the sweets, all over everything feels at this place just perfect.


Laddoos served at this place are unblemished & so is the gulab jamun. This place is well known for its kaju roll and the climate inside it is quite and decent & so is the staff. So, if you or your taste buds are craving for sweets which makes you feel your home, we are always ready to welcome you make you feel the same in the best among the famous sweet shops in Laxmi nagar. Oh, yes! We are situated here.


Even if you are in search of some authentic traditional sweets? Shagun Sweets is the best place to visit & we ensure you that it will not disappoint you at all.

It serves you the wonderful traditional Indian sweets & also other sweets like soan papdi and pedas and it does not stop here the dishes which are worth for a try by every sweet lover include chum chum followed by doda barfi and gajar ka halwa.


These are all the sweets which are highly recommended at shagun sweets not by the store but the customers.


The shop has enhanced itself over the decades with its innovative and quality snacks and sweets along with a brandished menu which is mostly proven definitely a worth if you are on a trip to the capital. So, if you search for the best and the nearest Mithai shop while passing via Delhi-NCR, welcome to Shagun Sweets!


Shagun Sweets is huge, clean & keeps every sweet thing you can’t find anywhere else. The snacks & sweets are always fresh and wonderfully made consequently Shagun is popular for flawless hygiene. Motichoor ke Laddoo can’t get better than this place. The jalebi & the lassi is pretty awesome too.


If you are searching something like that over google like best Mithai shop near me believe it, shagun sweets renders the most mysterious, miraculous & magical sweet taste. The jhangri at this place is so fat and much crispy at the same time!


It has been constant since decades at shagun sweets, sweet lovers are trying to figure out how, but no one can. All you can do is just have & relish them so if you are there somewhere around east Delhi, visit your nearest Mithai shop means at Shagun Sweets, yes, that is nearest if you’re discovering for the best sweet taste.


Our sweetness is unrolled all around the capital city. We are known as one of the best if you or your friend searches for Mithai shop & more near me.


It becomes more marvellous on festivals. Festivals like Diwali & Holi seems to be big vibes and the consequences result enormous increase in the sweetaholics. The Doda barfis have been proven one of the most demanded & special sweets here. It has been more than 3 decades of Shagun Sweets but it never get old.


Entering in Shagun Sweet Shop is like stepping into pure desi ghee. The smell shows all the proof you need to confirm whether your sweets are made of real ghee or not.


Ras Malai and Raj Bhog are as fresh as always because we continuously serve it. We would love to serve you too the same & you are someone who have visited India, let us make you feel grateful to be the part of this trip on this magnificent destination, you don’t have to look out for the best Indian Mithai shop near me, Just visit Shagun Sweets, rest of things will happen automatically.


For Delhi residents, this intricacy needs no introduction. This sweet shop makes you feel the awesome sweet taste in the city. Every sweet court, every occasion, every home in the east Delhi has traces from this one.


Without any doubt Shagun Sweet is one of the best Mithai wala near me, if you are musing to discover something like that.


We guarantee the best quality with innovation. Lovers has a special love for gajar ka halwa at our store & honestly, they complement us the perfect for any occasion, any mood.


Shagun Sweets has proven itself always among the best sweet shops in the city. We the best Gujiya during holy festival of Holi, don’t worry that’s a bit extra best than usual on this day & believe us, you go all around the town eat every Gujiya we ensure you could not find something greater than this.


Even if you are musing about tasting Rasgulla or the Roshgulla, The best Rasgulla and even gulab jamuns will be found at our outlet. We ensure you that Shagun Sweets will surprise you with the wide range of sweets it carry & that is entirely what makes us one of the best sweet shops in Delhi or you are going to find the best one for Mithai such as Mithai and more near me, believe us, visit us, it will make your taste buds marvel.


So, every kind of sweets you could ever imagine. This is the time to relish these all at the best Mithai ki dukaan aka sweet paradise in Laxmi nagar. We hope it seems too much you should at least once and we will make sure you are going to realise there should be so more.


Shagun Sweets is famous and copious sweet shop which serves uncountable happiness. We know here how to prepare greater than greatest on holy occasions such as Holi & Diwali. We’ve got extreme taste of samosas, dhoklas, ras malai, gajar ka halwa, laddoos & much more for you. They also have the occasional pastry and brownie stash.


At the end, just want to ensure if you are someone who loves to eat kalakand we serve the most amazing kalakand in the capital town at very reasonable rates.


Apart from sweets, we also serve aaloo samosa & paneer samosa. Besides this, there are other varieties in sweets as well. None of them are limited & also taste heavenly.


One can also get lassi here and doodh and jalebi together comes in the form which renders you the mouth-watering feel even before you smell it we mean it is just an amazing combination. So, we recommend you to try it once & we will make sure every bite you take here will be proven worth.

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