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2019-10-05 06:45:39



India has always been a subcontinent of sweets and desserts. The versatility of sweets and desserts in India outnumbers any other country in desserts. The diversity of desserts increases as we move all around the country, like in North India Petha, Balushahi, Ghevar or Gulab Jamun/ Kala Jamun reigns, while in South India Ada, Bandar Laddu, Chikki Jaangiri, or Pootharekulu are maintaining their sovereignty. Similarly in East people love Amriti, Lyangcha, Misti Doi, Rabri or Rasgulla while the West is famous for Anarsa, Basundi, Modak or Kaju Katli (Kaju Barfi).


We Indian love to have desserts most of the times, whether we want to satisfy and elate our taste buds or try it after a meal. Although there are multiple and highly diverse types of desserts which were mentioned above Kaju Barfi reserves its elite place at hight because of its rich taste, use of dry fruits (cashew or pistachio) and unquestioned fondness for everyone. We, Shagun Sweets, made all of our sweets and desserts in pure ghee. We have several varieties of desserts –  





The concept of laddoos had been used in medicine as an antiseptic. First, they used to give medicine by inserting in spherical balls. Laddoo or Laddu is a spherical shaped sweet made of flour, any kind of fat like ghee, oil or butter, and appropriate sugar. You can also add crushed dry fruits in it like pistachio, cashew or almond according to your likeness and need to increase flavour. The flours we use in Laddu can be of chickpea, coconut, or wheat. To decorate Laddu we can sprinkle muskmelon seeds over it. Laddus are an excellent choice for any festival to make your loved ones happy.


Boondi Laddu:


Bundi laddoos are one the popular laddoos of India. They are used in temples to offer God. Boondi laddoos, round-shaped, are made of boondi. Boondi is nothing but chickpea flour passed through ladle and fried in hot oil. They just left in hot sugary water to soak in for a time and after that, we can mould them into spherical laddoos. Do you want to make them more enticing? Sprinkle some watermelon seeds over them.


Kaju Apples:


Making Kaju Apples is very easy and effortless. You need to cook grinded fresh and crunchy cashew in syrup of sugar. When this syrup becomes little hard and mouldable then we make it in the shape of apples. To make them more templing and beautiful we put some cloves or fruits seeds over them. We also coloured them by a few drops of red flour so they look exactly like apples. They don't take more than 40 minutes to prepare.


Kaju Barfi:


Kaju Barfi or Kaju Katli is a dessert made by grinding cashew nuts mixed with thickened milk and sugar including some other dry fruits and spices. After that, it is mould in a flat or shallow pan or dish and cut into small pieces embellishing by them edible and an extremely thin silver foil. Kaju Barfi can not only for festivals or special occasions but one can also store them for a picnic as well to consume later. 


So what are you waiting for? Diwali is just about to come. Bestowed some love over your loved ones with these desserts and make them feel special.  


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